Gareth has a successful track record in Training, Coaching, and also owns a Landscaping company in Switzerland. He has worked in large corporate organisations in the Landscaping industry and has a degree in Counseling Psychology at the University of the Nations. He also worked there for many years as an international training director. He also has experience in small business startups and their evolution. He loves helping entrepreneurs and small business owners develop and grow themselves and their businesses from experience in his own life.

His life has not been without failure. He's lost tens of thousands of dollars in failed business ventures. Despite these setbacks and learning struggles, Gareth has over 30 years of living, working and studying in 16 countries on 3 continents, As a result, he has acquired profound insights and understanding of cross-cultural relationships and real connections. He goes into every new consulting project, coaching, and training with an open mind.

He is a passionate leader and a self-starter, with excellent interpersonal and connecting skills. He works to grow his own businesses while, coaching, training teams, and leaders in organisations, including entrepreneurs and small business owners. He encourages you to discover your full potential, creating opportunities, possibilities and transforming them into goals, growth, and success.

Gareth is a family man, married to Ann for 27 years, and proud father of 2 teenage boys who pursue careers in IT and youth social work.


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